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• 4/24/2015

Whereabouts of Troy Scott

If anybody has any information about Troy Scott after the year of 2000, please post them here.

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• 4/24/2015

This answer on say he died "of complications" a long time ago:

• 3/8/2016

Chiming in here with the only thing I've found that corroborates the evidence, which is a list of people who died on December 4, 2000 in the Hamilton area (where Troy presumably lived; it's known that Scott Soroko lived there when he died):

SCOTT, Troy J; 31; Burlington ON;

I actually found this last year, but I became surprisingly sad when I realized the man I'd chased for almost 15 years (since 2001) died right after I started looking. It was as if I'd just lost a lifelong friend. I know that sounds silly, as I never knew the man, but there it is.

Now that I (in all likelihood) know, I'll begin trying to track down some more information about his life. I can't help but feel he was a misunderstood and unknown genius in his time, even if everything he made was super weird.

A pipe dream would obviously be to uncover the finished but unpublished Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Three on a computer in a family member's attic, but I think that's going a bit far.

Rest in peace, Troy. I never knew ya.

• 11/17/2017
I’m pretty sure he died, at least that’s what my dad said, he is Marty Butler, he was the original president of Reldni Productions!!
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