Acid Trip Blues
Reldni Productions' third tape. Includes songs such as "Jack The Reaper", "Kick Back", "Norman Voorman", "Magic Time" and of course "Acid Trip Blues".

Acid Trip Blues turned out to be the most well known Reldni cassette tape. The lyrics contained many references to drugs. The songs on side two were sped up or slowed down. Troy discovered that by pressing the pause button down slightly on his tape recorder he could increase or decrease the speed. There was really no way to fine tune the technique. The results were usually too fast or too slow. The words to the songs were usually impossible to interpret. Many times the speed of the song would fluctuate.

At least one Reldni customer admitted to recording over the second side of the tape.

The songs from Acid Trip Blues were digitally remastered in 1997. The significant tracks appear as bonus tracks on the Year of The Alfano Compact Disc.

Track listing Edit

Acid Trip Blues liner notes

Side 1 Edit

  1. Jack The Reaper
  2. Kick Back
  3. Norman Voorman
  4. Toyman
  5. Ice Cream Man Theme (R. Nicholson & Jason Zsadanyi)
  6. I'll Do it Anyway
  7. Acid Trip Blues
  8. So Unusual
  9. Magic Time
  10. Spring (Instrumental)

Side 2 Edit

  1. Pasquale's Dream
  2. Fred's Romance
  3. Baby In Blue
  4. Jim The Miner
  5. Garla Olay
  6. Sputter
  7. The Petty Song
  8. The Pasquale & The Sherberts Song
  9. Spooken Words
  10. Another Acid Trip
  11. Mountains Of Jide a Die
  12. War of Stupidity
  13. John Washington
  14. Acid Classic I (Instrumental)
  15. Acid Classic II (Instrumental)
  16. Acid Classic III (Instrumental)
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