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Completed in August 1998, D.A.W.G. is Compact Disc full of comedy and music.

Freddie "The Might" Finkle may be the true hero of this project. With his perseverance he saved Troy Scott from the hands of a ruthless gang of terrorists. The returning Reldni President Troy was then able to finish this album.

Thanks Freddie!

Track listing[]

All songs written and performed by Troy Scott unless otherwise stated.

All material copyrighted by Reldni Productions.

  1. Introduction To The D.A.W.G.
  2. Alien Encounters (Performed by Scott Soroko and Troy Scott)
  3. Crazy Stan
  4. Chicken Influence
  5. Lozo Gets Lucky
  6. Instructional Dance Record
  7. The Mighty Zinc Rupert
  8. Little Kiddo Introduction
  9. Little Kiddo Theme Song
  10. Bringing It Back
  11. D.A.W.G.
  12. Comments To CNN (Performed by Scott Soroko, Troy Scott and Jason Maggio)
  13. Insurance (Performed by Scott Soroko and Troy Scott)
  14. Captain Clean (Performed by Troy Scott, Mike Alfano and Scott Soroko)
  15. Clean Team Blues
  16. Little Kiddo Meets Rocky The Spoon Bender
  17. Emergency Broadcast System
  18. Little Kiddo Meets Rocky The Spoon Bender Part 2
  19. The Curse Of "A" (Demo)
  20. The Ballad Of Scott Soroko
  21. The Con Man
  22. The Clean Team Work Tune
  23. The Search For Johnny Breckon (Performed by Scott Soroko and Troy Scott)

Bonus Tracks[]

  1. Caravella (Demo)
  2. I Wonder What Scotty’s Doing Tonight (Early demo version of "The Ballad Of Scott Soroko")
  3. I’m A Fake Mentalist (Demo)
  4. Silly Surfer (Demo)


Lozo Gets Lucky (Track 5)[]

I walked along one sunny day
My dog J. Smith was with me
I moved toward the market
Missing a show on the TV
Diddeley Diddeley Diddeley Dee
A thief came and stole my dog J.
I ran but I soon lost my breath
I must find my dog someway

Additional Lozo Gets Lucky lyrics that do not appear on the album:

And it feels like I’m losing my mind
I can’t leave this Lozo behind
He creeps in my sleep
And touches her deep
I know
He has to go!
I got my dog the other day
He was glad to see me
I let him eat a cupcake
As he sat on my knee

The working title for the entire D.A.W.G. album was "Lozo Gets Lucky".

Bringing It Back (Track 10)[]

I’m looking far away
On a distant plain
And I’m gonna bring it back again
I’ve had enough of this country air
Somehow I just get bored
And now I’m heading back to my hometown
Where I’m not ignored
I’m bringing it back
Oh bringing it back
Where I feel sunny all the time
I went to the place where dreams are built on
And I had some fun
With my old friends I went to a place
Where I lived life on
Seems the sun never ends
Repeat Chorus
I went around a maze but I got out
And when I did, I had to shout
Oh my darling, I beg your pardon
But I’m so glad I’m back
Oh I’m so glad I’m back
Repeat Chorus

Clean Team Blues (Track 15)[]

I’m being treated like a slave
I work for nothing but minimum wage
When Captain Clean gets in a rage
He should be locked up in a cage
The dust is flying in the air
But Captain Clean doesn’t really care
He makes me cut my long hair
I even have to wash his underwear
Captain Clean acts like a dip
He thinks his moves are really hip
When he sadistically cracks the whip
I wish I could I abandon ship
Telling you I can barely cope
He keeps grinning like a dope
I’m too scared to drop the soap
I wish he was hanging from a rope
Captain Clean thinks he’s superior
Driving a car with a red interior
He tells me to wash his car
While he goes to the nudie bar
Captain Clean beat up Sorok
After hearing a dirty joke
"That's all she wrote."
Billy’s NT crashed again
Look’s like nothings new
Captain Clean is hassling him
The network is down too
After listening to this song
Captain Clean felt very wrong
With a gun he ran down the hall
Captain Clean then shot us all
Good thing it was a water gun
The Captain’s really having fun
The gun leaked on him while he did his dance
The people upstairs thought he wet his pants

The Curse of "A" (Demo) (Track 15)[]

Well, he knocked on my door last night
He asked, "Where is Susan?"
I said, "She’s gone."
He said, "You are gone."
I said, "You’re all wrong."
He said, "Sing this song."
I said, "No way, she’s gone away."
He said, "You’ll pay."
I said, "How much you want?"
Tell it to the boy who knows nothing
We all know something
About the Curse Of "A"

The Ballad Of Scott Soroko (Track 20, Demo Version Track 25)[]

There's a Prelude car
Spanking new
With the "Web Boy" plate
In white and blue
It's parked outside the picture show
But my movie is over and I must go
We drive away and it's all right
'Cause Scotty's at the movies tonight
Scott phones in sick
He's got a cold
That's the lamest story
I've ever been told
I know he's down at Nevada Bob's
Instead of working on his jobs
He's buying some gloves (clubs?)
With great delight
'Cause Scotty's going golfing tonight
It's tournament time at the pool hall
Scott's rigged the game with a special ball
If someone finds out there'll be a fight
'Cause Scotty's playing pool tonight
Scott and Justin drive to the falls
As they answer all their cell phone calls
Without their mileage cheques they’re tight on cash
They have to break into Justin's special stash
It's not too much, but they'll be all right
'Cause Scotty and Justin are gambling tonight
Scott's driving a Woodie from 63
He's heading to the Beach with buddy Magee
He's got his board all waxed
And his wetsuit's on tight
'Cause Scotty's going surfing tonight
You might hear a Yanni tune
While you're dancing beneath the moon
The turntable is a rockin' and reelin'
With Morris Albert singing "Feelings"
But no one cares, it's all right
'Cause Scotty is the DJ tonight
The snowy slopes with antelopes
The Yeti's drinking beer
We fear Scott may rupture his spleen
When he hits that Evergreen
But, he survives, yes it's alright
'Cause Scotty's going skiing tonight
Like Fred Astaire and Ginger too
Scotty's dancing is pure and true
He'll surprise everyone with sheer delight
'Cause Scotty's tap dancing tonight
(not lap dancing, tap dancing)
A bag pipe tune plays in the air
Scotty dances without underwear
He's got a kilt on and he looks all right
'Cause Scotty's highland flinging tonight

The Con Man (Track 21)[]

I'm a master of disguises
And I'm wearing my disguise
And it's no big surprise
That I'm wanted dead or alive
I've had plastic surgery
So no one will know me
Yes I look so different this time
Since I committed the crime
The police won’t get me, I know
'Cause they move way too slow
Oh I'm so clever
I wish we were together
Now little Tommy Tiver
Was heading down the river
We he met up with the other boats in the blockade
Tommy dove in the water.
But the police jumped in after him
That's the day
That's the day when the con man got away
That's the day
That's the day when the con man got away
Could detective Scott
Prove that the man they'd caught
Was Tommy Tiver the con man?
He couldn't understand.
But a close examination, with determination
Proved without a doubt
The news was out.
Tommy Tiver had slipped through their fingers once again
I'm running down the road
You know I'm wanted in sixty states
My mind's in a bad state, going insane.
Held up a liquor store just the other day
They can't catch me ‘cause they’re going the wrong way

Caravella (Demo)[]

I can't believe it's true
When you say
That you really knew
About yesterday
I feel inside of me
Closing up
I look at book
Pour water in a paper cup
Time goes on
The demon sings his song
The horror as I watch
It's Caravella
Docked in the harbour
It’s Caravella,
Sailing in the port
No one knows where he's going
No one knows where he went
Last time I saw him that morning
He was boarding the ship
It's a phantom ship you know
It's been seen three times or so
The phantom man who haunted our house is gone
He went to sea
And the vessel he got on
Was Caravella
So if you're in lake Erie
Keep your eyes open wide
For the Spanish ship that long ago capsized
It still haunts these waters
So keep a watchful eye
For the ship may pass you by

I’m A Fake Mentalist (Demo) (Track 26)[]

Oh baby,
I really like you
Oh darling
Come a little closer
Oh baby,
Have you seen a dentist?
Oh baby,
I'm a fake mentalist
Oh baby,
Take care dear,
Oh baby,
My friend Ronnie's here
Oh darling
I've got your number
Oh baby
I’m a real bumbler
Oh baby
I wrote this tune driving
Oh baby
Winston's conniving
Oh darling
Winston is dead wrong
Oh baby
Winston's hair's long

Additional I'm A Fake Mentalist lyrics that do not appear on the album:

Oh honey
You don't forget it
Oh darling
I'm just not done yet
Oh great now
I've broken the mold
I'm just a fool
It looks like old

The working title for this song was "Oh Baby".

Silly Surfer (Demo)[]

Everybody's heading to the beach now
Goin’ surfin’, Goin’ surfin’
I see a girl on a surfboard, wow
She's surfin', she's surfin'
Well I'm just a silly surfer
Trying to impress the chicks
I'm just a silly surfer
Trying to get my kicks
So I paddle out on my board and try
I see a big wave coming and I nearly die.
Go surfin', Go surfin'
Well now I'm surfing with my buddy Tim.
I fall into the water and I can't swim.
Go surfin', Go surfin'
Well the girls on the beach like lying in the sun
But now I'm being laughed at by everyone
Go surfin', Go surfin'

Additional liner notes[]

Introduction To The D.A.W.G.[]

This instrumental was the last track recorded for the D.A.W.G. collection.

Alien Encounters / The Search For Johnny Breckon[]

"The Search For Johnny Breckon" and "Alien Encounters" were improvised by Scott Soroko and Troy Scott. Troy later edited these recordings. "The Search For Johnny Breckon" was recorded at the end of July 1998. "Alien Encounters" was recorded on August 10. The unedited versions of these tracks have been preserved and placed in the Reldni vaults. "The Search For Johnny Breckon" was made available on the Reldni webpage on July 23rd.

Unedited Version Time Album Version Time
The Search For Johnny Breckon 11:24 07:06
19:02 14:42

The Mighty Zinc Rupert / Little Kiddo Introduction / Little Kiddo Theme Song[]

Not including the bonus tracks, these were the first recordings made for the album. These tracks were made available on the Reldni webpage on June 1st as one MP3 file. Troy originally intended to include a complete and longer "Little Kiddo" story.

Comments To CNN / Insurance / Captain Clean[]

These recordings were made on a small cassette recorder, therefore the sound quality is noticeably different.

Clean Team Blues[]

This was recorded in one take with no overdubs. Troy sings and plays the ukulele.

The Ballad Of Scott Soroko[]

The demo "I Wonder What Scotty's Doing Tonight" was created during the recordings for The Year Of The Alfano album. For D.A.W.G., Troy slowed down the speed and overdubbed a second vocal. This modified version was renamed "The Ballad Of Scott Soroko". The original "I Wonder What Scotty's Doing Tonight" can still be heard on track 25.

The Con Man[]

A slide whistle can be heard in the spoken narration portion. Currently there are less than sixty states in the United States but the song takes place in the future.

A fourty second pause separates the Bonus Tracks from the rest of the album.

Caravella (Demo)[]

Caravella was recorded during the Polka 'Till You Drop Volume II sessions. The backing track was lost so the vocal could not be re-recorded without creating a completely new track. This demo was mastered from a cassette.

I'm A Fake Mentalist (Demo)[]

"I'm A Fake Mentalist" was recorded to test the new multi-channel soundcard that Troy purchased midway through the D.A.W.G. sessions.