Track listingEdit

Side OneEdit

  1. Stay Away From Mr. Mackay (Troy Scott)
  2. Come To The Show (Troy Scott)
  3. Organ Fun (Troy Scott, Denise Clark, Amanda Clark)
  4. Clink Clank (Troy Scott, Amanda Clark, Kevin Scott, Denise Clark)
  5. Denise The Robot From Outer Space (Troy Scott, Amanda Clark, Denise Clark, Kevin Scott)
  6. Crazy Men (Troy Scott, Amanda Clark, Denise Clark, Kevin Scott)
  7. I Went Down Street (Troy Scott, Amanda Clark, Denise Clark, Kevin Scott)
  8. Jerry (Troy Scott, Denise Clark)

Side TwoEdit

  1. Don't Leave (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott, Willy Baker)
  2. Dr. Jekyll (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott)
  3. Fun Tooten (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott)
  4. High Sticking (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott, Willy Baker)
  5. Indian Ho (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott)
  6. Baby Born (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott)
  7. Fa de da (Troy Scott)
  8. da de fa (Troy Scott)
  9. Telephone Fun (Troy Scott)
  10. Fadade (Troy Scott)
  11. Funny Man Dance (Troy Scott, Kevin Scott, Amanda Clark)
  12. de da fa (Troy Scott)
  13. Crazzy Computer (Troy Scott)
  14. One Two Three (Troy Scott)

Lyrics and liner notesEdit

Troy Scott was thirteen years old. Troy's brother Kevin was nine. Kevin's friend, Willy Baker also participated in the Theme session. The Theme One cassette featured twenty two different songs. The second side of the tape was recorded first. The first song was titled "Don't Leave". Willy belted out lead vocal as Troy went wild on a Mickey Mouse organ. Troy also provided background vocals with Kevin. Like many songs from the Theme years, "Don't Leave" was an ad-libbed jam. It was Willy who made up the lyrics. "Why d'ya have to leave me? …. Why didn't you take me with you?…." Etc.

The sessions continued with Troy and Kevin recording "Dr. Jekyll".

Dr. JekyllEdit

Written By Troy Scott. Ending tag written by Kevin Scott

Dr. Jekyll took a drink
Dr. Jekyll didn't shrink
But he turned into Mr. Hyde
Hide, Hide
Hide away
'Cause Dr. Jekyll is coming your way
Hide, Hide
Hide away
'Cause Dr. Jekyll,
Dr. Jekyll
Is coming your way

High StickingEdit

At the time Troy and Kevin had an air hockey table. Willy and Kevin began arguing during a game. One accused the other of "High Sticking". The other challenged that there was no such thing as "High Sticking" in air hockey. This conversation was the inspiration for the next song, titled "High Sticking".

Indian HoEdit

Willy Baker told Kevin not to play any instruments in the next song. However when the song was recorded, Willy was absent. Kevin played the tambourine and chanted unintelligible lyrics in "Indian Ho". Troy played the snare drum.

Baby BornEdit

Written by Troy and Kevin Scott

The last song of the first session was titled "Baby Born". The organ and xylophone were among the instruments used to record this song.

Earrrly In the morning
Earrrly In the morn
Earrrly In the morning
I heard the horn
Heard the new ew ews
That a new ew ew
Baby, was born

The remaining songs on the second side of Theme One were mostly organ solos performed by Troy.

The songs on the first side of the Theme One cassette were recorded after the songs on side two. This side was made to sound as if it were a rehearsal of the already recorded songs. Most of side one featured an impromptu jam session with few redeeming qualities. The exception was "Stay Away From Mr. Mackay". "Stay Away From Mr. Mackay" was an eerie song that included a bizarre mix of voice, feedback and electronic distortion. The lyrics below may differ slightly to the original performance on Theme One.

Stay Away From Mr. MackayEdit

Written By Troy Scott.

La La
What can it mean?
La La
What's a La La to you?
Everywhere you're walking
You hear in your ear
That La La
To you
La La
La La
La La
Stay away from Mr. Mackay
Bye oh, bye oh
He isn't himself
He's took to much to drink
He's took too much
He's not real
He's nobody
At least that's how he feels
Stay away
Stay away
From Mr. Mackay
Don't you do like Mr. Mackay
Who is out of it
He's in another world
He's far away
His mind is not controlling him
Stay away from Mr. Mackay
Don't feel bad on what he has to say
For he doesn't mean it
He's just away
And you mustn't go there

According to Reldni documentation an early version of Theme Two was wiped. It is believed that Willy Baker and Troy Scott were present for these pre-Theme Two recordings.

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