Tombster was originally a person who had completed Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One and submitted proof to Reldni Productions, receiving a personalized certificate suitable for framing as well as appearing on the official Tombster List on the Reldni website.

The Tombster List was last available February 23, 1999, at which point it was no longer accepting new Tombsters, although a new Tombster List for Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two was teased. That never came to fruition, though, as references to both lists were removed from the website the following day.

In later years, the term "Tombster" has come to denote any fan of the Vinnie's Tomb games, and not just the lucky few on the Tombster List.

Vinnie's Tomb Chapter One Tombster ListEdit

  • Tommy Essig, 9 years old 
  • R Kline 
  • Cesare DiDonato 
  • Benjamin DiDonato, 4 years old 
  • Paolo DiDonato, 5 years old 
  • Katie DiDonato, 7 years old 
  • Gord Price 
  • Aaron Mischel, 20 years old
  • Jordan Tyson, 14 years old
  • Glennda Grigsby 
  • Aaron Wright, 14 years old 
  • Ben Lara, 11 years old 
  • Brenda Knoll 
  • Megan Markham, 10 years old 
  • David Reece

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