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Vinnie's Journal is a secret book found by Vinnie inside Vinnie's Tomb in Vinnie's Tomb Chapter Two. It was written by Vinnie's Great Great Great Great Not So Great Grandfather, who was also named Vinnie.

Journal Entry 1[]

I no longer trust Jacob. I think he is determined to take over the store. Ernie believes Jacob will help us finally make a profit. I must admit Jacob has impressive managerial skills.  Can he convince these narrow-minded villagers that our equipment is beneficial and entertaining?

Journal Entry 2[]

Things are not going well. A group of luddites broke into the store and smashed a hundred dollars worth of equipment. Jacob caught one of the vandals trying to make an escape. Jacob severely beat the young man with a moist slice of bread.

Journal Entry 3[]

I met Jacob's friends today. They are an untidy bunch of ruffians who wear clothes with white and black stripes. Jacob intends to have his friends guard the store while we are at the nut gathering convention.

Journal Entry 4[]

Ernie, Jacob and I have returned from the convention. Jacob's friends have installed some strange new equipment in the store. They will not tell me anything about it.  I think Ernie knows more than he's telling me.

Journal Entry 5[]

I can sense Ernie and Jacob have big plans for the store. They still will not answer any questions. What are they doing?